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KoRn - Trash

"I don't know why I'm so fucking cold?
I dont know why it hurts me.
All I wanna do is get with you.
And make the pain go away.
Why do I have a conscience?
All it does is fuck with me.
Why do I have this torment?
All I want to do is fuck it away."

Flaw - Amendment

"Layed to waste out in the open
turned away once again
this isn't right
this ain't supposed to happen
now life's too short
we shouldn't have to die
and i have had to stop all of my emotions

Oh bittering faith escapes agian, agian
just look at what we have done
will you look at who we've become
priorities astray
it goes on and on each day
we've wrecked their only try
and still we wonder why
we're recipients
Of hate Motherfucker!"
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